Outsourced IT support contracts

Evolv Networks offers IT support for small to medium-sized businesses with various digital requirements.

Located in Cape Town – and with national representation – we design, deploy and support complex and simple IT systems that align with a variety of business demands. Chat to us about proactive IT solutions such as desktop support, IT management, and security maintenance and cloud services.

We understand that every client is unique and each has a risk profile that needs to be addressed individually. Our managed IT services include content management and endpoint productivity tools to ensure that your company can reach optimal productivity and efficiency with minimal digital downtime, if any.

If you require structured digital systems that are outsourced to your premises, then speak to us today. Your new system will be created to streamline communication, and decrease your online risk and costs. As one of the leading IT consulting companies we continue to find innovative ways to add value and digital convenience to your business. Current trends dictate the necessity for faster internet and cloud services that are user-friendly and streamlined, and you can get that from us.

We’re continually evolving and expanding our skills to ensure our clients are provided with the latest technological advances in the world of online solutions. We’ve invested in Apple Support and Cloud Management, which have effectively unlocked many benefits for our clients. You can easily implement partial or full outsourcing systems without requiring permanent in-house IT solutions, allowing you to focus on your business.

IT contracts

Save yourself money and a lot of headaches when you retain network support services with Evolv Networks. Our IT support contracts are designed around your bespoke system, ensuring all your customised digital needs are met. Computer maintenance contracts cover basic, routine and customised services ensuring your hardware and software are continuously upgraded, and are user-friendly.

Network support

We offer network support, which means we focus on maintaining your corporate network through strategic planning, performance analyses and upgrades when required. Ensuring you get the best innovative support, we continue to stay ahead of the online game by upskilling our team with every new technological advancement in network support.

Infrastructure management

Ensure your hardware and software is regularly maintained with our ICT infrastructure management services. Information communication technology makes sure your computers speak to each other, operate consistently and are able to easily service your online needs. We will manage your computers, notebooks, services, security, and storage devices as part of our bespoke digital solutions for you.

Cloud solutions

Cloud services runs your systems securely on the internet and stores your company’s email, data and other services online as opposed to your computers’ hard drives. Get assistance with Cloud- based digital monitoring, email security, workstation health and software management. Cloud computing offers more storage, processing and disaster recovery solutions and features, which means you don’t require an in-house servers, or you can reduce the amount of servers. Additionally, because the information is in the ‘cloud’ you can access it anytime, anywhere in the world and it is always updated to the latest version.


If you are eco-conscious and would like to know more about green IT, speak to us. This is the practice of using computers in such a way as to reduce energy consumption and the impact computers have on the environment.

Backup solutions

The most effective way of ensuring your digital files are safe, and that you always have copies of your work, is to back up your files. Evolv Networks offers industry-leading backup solutions that ensure minimal disruption to productivity, particularly for businesses that operate online.

Hardware failure is a reality and so is losing network files. Move from standard backup solutions to a seamless operation. We manage your system ensuring that it creates supplementary copies of your original files, and prevents loss of important data.

Stay ahead of the game with Evolv Networks. Your digital systems need to be maintained to reduce online risks. By investing in computer IT support designed to suit your company’s exact needs, you are investing in the future of your business. Contact us today.

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Full Outsourcing
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Partial Outsourcing
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