2017 is the year to roll out Windows 10

Is 2017 the year to roll out Windows 10? Are the teething problems gone?

It has been two years since Microsoft launched Windows 10 and many businesses opted to take Microsoft up on the free upgrade offer which ended in June 2016. What has truly stood out is how stable and secure the Windows 10 installations have been with the most secure system to date.

But even with all the advanced security of Windows 10, there are still threats which can wreak havoc with the standard Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro versions. The one area that concerns most businesses is the Advanced Threats, such as Ransomware, Zero Day Threats and Phishing. A recent announcement by Microsoft appears to be the solution to these challenges as it now allows customers to rent the Windows 10 Enterprise features via Office 365, giving them the protection the non-Enterprise versions simply do not have.

In the Enterprise version Ransomware is stopped dead in its tracks before it can even do damage. The Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection in the Windows 10 E5 has proved a reliable add-on to the platform’s features and ensures maximum resistance to the new advanced threats facing businesses.

Protect Your Data

If your business handles very sensitive customer information or you are concerned with encryption viruses, then you need to be putting out feelers to find solutions to protect such data. Hackers are probing all the time to finding the loopholes to hold you ransom for your valuable data – such as identification numbers, credit card details, financial and other sensitive information.

Whether you are new to Windows 10 or you already enjoy the benefits of this platform, you can easily migrate to the new anniversary features via the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program. This program is a pay-as-you-use service, is a partner delivered service and you can therefore be assured of constant support – technical advice and trouble-shooting.

With our close relationship with Microsoft and a highly qualified team we will continue finding innovative ways to make your business run smoother and safer than ever before.