Business Software Solutions

Using the right software makes good business sense.

Running your business has become more automated than ever before. With everything in digital format, and many companies trying to operate paperless offices, managing a company has become both more convenient and complicated at the same time.

There is a wide range of business software solutions designed to make operating your business simpler and more efficient. We take a look at a few:

For streamlined collaboration and communication:

Skype for Business

Skype’s business version is perfect for companies who like to communicate on a regular basis and have employees who are spread far and wide, whether in different cities or countries. It means there is far less need to travel, cutting down on travel costs and making face to face meetings, albeit digital ones, possible. Skype for business just makes communication simpler and easier, allowing you to keep in touch with your colleagues and customers, no matter where they are.


Change the way you communicate at work with this private social network. Yammer will facilitate employee collaboration whether it’s across departments, regions or business apps. Yammer accelerates the time it takes to go from concept to execution.


Super-efficient and reliable package for online meetings and presentations, webinars, town halls, online courses and training, and online presentations.

For secure document/email delivery and encryption:


Ensure the safety of your data, communications and file with this specialised encryption package. From emails to documents, send and receive files and communications safely and securely.

Mimecast Secure Messaging

Send protected messages, even when TLS encryption is not an option. With hacking becoming more prevalent, being able to communicate securely with a cloud-based secure messenger service offers you privacy, security and peace of mind.

For cloud File Storage:

OneDrive for Business

A cheap and secure cloud storage solution. For as little as $5/month you get 1TB of space.


Dropbox allows you to easily and securely store documents and files online. There is a free service but if you need some serious storage capacity, you will have to pay for the PRO version.

For digital document signatures/signing:

Adobe Document Cloud (ADC)

Adobe are leading players in the business software market. Adobe Document Cloud allows you to create digital document workflows, and to work efficiently and securely using the same systems you use every day. ADC includes Acrobat DC, Adobe Sign, and a range of powerful mobile apps.

For animated presentations:


When images and video can say more than words, you need a professional animation package to turn your marketing collateral into an informative and entertaining online presentation.

Signature & Disclaimer Management:

Mimecast Stationery

Mimecast Stationary allows you to consistently apply branding, signatures and disclaimers to emails. This makes it easy to comply with any marketing and/or legal requirements.

These are just a few cloud-based business software systems, designed to make your office more efficient and productive, and save your company in the process.

Choose your business software carefully and grow your business while making it more efficient at the same time. Contact your local IT specialists and take your business to the next level.