Mimecast – Cloud E-mail Continuity Silver Bullet

To many companies, the lure of cloud e-mail cost saving is just too tempting to resist, and for good reason. Sadly, too many companies also try to save on e-mail continuity.

The recent Seacom failure has cast a spotlight on the effect of international bandwidth failures which severely affect cloud services, such as e-mail. It also highlighted severe flaws in design and capacity handling, where e-mail continuity was hampered and resulted in many days of degraded or no service for cloud e-mail services.

But among the many customers that have taken the brave step towards cloud e-mail services, there were customers that remained unaffected during this outage. With local South African data centres, Mimecast ensures that Office 365/Exchange Online clients can rest assured that their e-mail will remain operational, even during catastrophic failures. This is accomplished through the Mimecast Email Continuity solution, which enables customers to automatically send/receive e-mail even when the cloud e-mail solution has become unavailable.

“As an early adopter of Office 365, we migrated our entire e-mail infrastructure to Exchange Online. Our safety net was Mimecast, where their perpetual archiving and e-mail continuity ensures that we have a seamless failover from Exchange Online to Mimecast and back. As a result of this, we and our Mimecast clients remained completely unaffected by the Seacom failure,” says Gerhard Conradie, MD at evolv networks.

Andrew Soddy, business development director at Mimecast SouthAfrica, says: “Mimecast is the perfect companion for your e-mail and enhances Office 365 by providing users with powerful gateway features which enable complex data leak prevention, user controlled quarantine, block/allow lists and large file sending.”

Business continuity and disaster recovery are key aspects to be considered in any cloud service that requires international links. Mimecast Email Continuity ensures your business e-mail is always on, adds Soddy.

“Mimecast is an essential component to all our e-mail solution designs. There is no way that we would ever allow a customer to migrate to cloud e-mail services without the Mimecast Email Continuity solution,” says Francois Conradie, Technical Director at evolv networks.