Don’t Try To Assume The Causes Of Your IT Challenge

Want to be a happy IT client? You don’t need to know all the tech jargon – but you do need to know what the actual problem is.

At the best of times, finding an IT service management partner to help you with a business problem is stressful. Our best advice: Don’t try to assume the causes of your IT challenge, rather come prepared with the details of your business challenges that are eating away your profits.

Please Quote On Cloud Storage Space… You Sure?

We recently had a potential client asking if our cloud-based antivirus product also included cloud-based storage. They wanted a quote for a certain amount of storage space.

Making further enquiries, we realised that the real problem was something completely different. In fact, the client had a few operational problems digging holes in their profit margin.

  • Problem One: They were manually backing up once a week to an old server in the office and it was slow, inconvenient and not secure. They needed a backup solution that was fast and could run automatically without affecting their business hour operations. They also needed assurance that if they ever did lose data, their backup solution would work to help them recover.

  • Problem Two: Very slow connection speed and therefore files that are being saved was not accessible in real-time.

  • Problem Three: Not being able to effectively support staff working remotely. Being in the creative industry, teams needed to work on large files, and using DropBox caused frustration waiting for up- and downloads and sharing access to information. Any cloud service is only as good as the bandwidth you use to get to it and some remote staff were trying to upload files to cloud storage from home over an ADSL line – a tedious, time wasting process.

We Do Our Best Work When Clients Can Describe Their Business Challenge

Once we knew what the real problems were, we could design a cost-effective business IT solution.

If we had just given the client what they thought they needed – a quote for so many terabytes of online storage – we wouldn’t have been doing our jobs.

Let’s summarise the final solution for this small business client:

IT Business Products

Hardware: Working on old machines denied them the power that drives efficiency – the best concepts weren’t going to get very far without proper hardware. Fortunately, moving into the cloud avoided unnecessary new hardware spend.

Faster, Trustworthy Connection: A fast, stable and fail-safe internet solution was implemented, saving them money by improving productivity and reducing the risk of losing business revenue to intermittent offline status.

IT Security

Backup – secure backup plus quick, reliable data recovery plan: Our 3-2-1 cloud back-up solution removed the risk of losing data and ensured easy and fast data recovery in the event of a disastrous loss.

Antivirus/Anti-Ransomware: The necessary security and protection against malicious encryption was implemented and removed the susceptibility to ransomware and viruses.

Storage: Their data is now stored offsite, secure from ransomware and recovery plans are in place to bring critical systems back online speedily, so they don’t lose customers.

Data Management

Data Management Console: With a consolidated Data Management Console, the success and failure of backups across their server and workstations will be tracked. This means that their off-site employees who fail to run successful backups, will be spotted and remediation steps taken.

Support Services

Remote Support: Fixed Fee Remote Support will ensure consistent and measurable support to their staff so there will be less time spent on waiting for help and more time focussed on revenue driving activities.

Easily Describe Your IT Challenge

If you can approach an IT service provider ready with the answers to these questions, you’re well on the way to be a happy client.