Evolv Networks Selects MSPAlliance for Cloud Certification

Evolv networks to begin UCS audit programme; vendor-neutral benchmarking for cloud and managed services practitioners worldwide provides quality assurance and stamp of reliability for current, potential customers.

Evolv networks today announced that it will undergo the MSPAlliance’s (MSPA) Unified Certification Standard for Cloud and Managed Service Providers audit (UCS).

UCS is the first programme of its kind, specifically designed and created to provide business consumers of cloud and managed services with the assurance that the service provider they hire meets or exceeds the highest principles of quality in areas such as financial stability, facilities, managed services practices and customer satisfaction.

“The UCS audit is a rigorous audit and certification process that benchmarks and verifies the quality of the company providing managed services,” said Charles Weaver, MSPAlliance president. “We are very proud to have evolv networks undertake this important milestone for cloud and MSPs.”

UCS was created, using a wide base of criteria, to benchmark managed IT solution providers, thereby ensuring they have met and exceed well-established standards of excellence and client care. Clients who select a company that is part of the UCS can also rest assured that their IT solution provider has met and exceeded the following standards:

  • Physical and virtual security
  • Business and financial stability
  • Company has taken reasonable steps to assure that the client’s IT needs will be safely and professionally addressed
  • Company is under constant external review from the MSPAlliance and the IT profession to continually maintain and improve standards of care of excellence

The UCS audit is performed by Frost, PLLC, a third party accounting firm.

“There are many managed services providers in the market and it has become impossible for customers to have peace of mind that their provider conforms to industry best practices. Certification and compliance is critical considering the access MSPs have to customer networks and data, which frequently includes cloud backup solutions and other highly sensitive information. This lack of compliance puts companies at huge risk without them even realising it. By selecting the MSPAlliance Unified Certification Standard, evolv networks has become the first cloud and managed services provider in South Africa to adopt this internationally accepted standard. The customers that partner with us will therefore know that we have done what others simply avoid,” says Gerhard Conradie, Managing Director at evolv networks.