Jupiter leverages Hyper-V, Exchange for e-mail availability

Improved e-mail and infrastructure availability were the driving factors in the recent deployment of Microsoft Hyper-V and Exchange 2010, which has ensured the Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town can meet deadlines without the worry of crippling infrastructure failures.

Built on Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 with Hyper-V, this proven hypervisor allowed for consolidation of services as well as a robust and easy-to-manage platform to build the virtualisation and Exchange 2010 infrastructure.

“Ease of management and bulletproof availability has been achieved through the deployment of Microsoft Hyper-V, not to mention the hardware consolidation which resulted in us being able to have increased utilisation of our hardware,” says Mike Goode, Group Head of IT.

The Microsoft Exchange 2010 solution was designed to leverage the database availability group (DAG) functionality, which ensures there are no single points of failure in the messaging environment. Scheduled maintenance and unplanned failures cause no downtime as the e-mail connections automatically transfer to the remaining members in the DAG configuration.

Prior to the deployment, the environment suffered the normal pain points of hardware failures, maintenance disruptions and decreased availability.

“This highly available and low-maintenance solution has ensured that reactive support is decreased, allowing us to focus on more important tasks such as system improvement and optimisation,” says Gerhard Conradie, MD at evolv networks.