Pernod And Evolv’s IT Virtualisation Strategy

Pernod Ricard South Africa, together with evolv networks, has recently upgraded and advanced its IT infrastructure with the deployment of an enterprise-class VMware virtualisation solution.

Pernod Ricard is the world’s co-leader in wines and spirits distribution based in over 70 countries and employing more than 18 000 staff globally.

Over the years, Pernod has deployed many solutions in order to streamline delivery to the business and clients; however, due to a lack of flexibility and redundancy in infrastructure, adoption and deployment has always taken longer than the agile company required.

As the business started relying on technology as part of the business processes, other challenges arose. These ranged from limited back-up/change-control windows, lab testing environments, rollback capability on changes, redundancy and deployment lead-times.

“After looking at various options, it was decided that VMware’s virtualisation solution addressed the needs best and suited the overall group strategy in regards to disaster recovery and availability,” says Francois Conradie, Technical Director, evolv networks.

Not only does the solution address some of the primary challenges, the hardware refresh intervals have been increased and hardware utilisation optimised. For the first time, Pernod is now able to perform proper testing and roll-out of technology and services in a structured fashion. This means cost savings from deployment in regards to capital expenditures, as well as controlled deployment schedules. The ROI should be met within the first year of deployment at this rate.

“The solution has allowed us to streamline our operation and increase availability beyond our best expectations,” says Christopher Dick, IT Management Team, Pernod Ricard South Africa.