Why Partner With Evolv?


In the 10 years that Evolv has been in operation, we have realised that success in business involves two main factors: being passionate about what you do and being good at it. Those two factors will ensure success in almost any industry, and providing IT support is not much different. The only difference is that other companies’ success is often dependent on us being good at what we do.

Almost every business today, big and small, is reliant on IT to some extent or another. If you’ve ever worked in a networked office and the network goes down, you’ll recognise the collective groan. Because, whenever you lose your network or internet connection, your office comes to a standstill. Whether you have 50 or 500 people in the office, any downtime is costly and can be extremely damaging to your business, especially when other businesses are waiting for you to deliver. This is why you want a company that can provide a fast, superior support service to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

At Evolv, we understand this and make it our mission to offer an efficient service, minimising any downtime and getting you back up to full productivity in as little time as possible. Besides offering a fast and efficient service, there are a number of additional benefits to partnering with us.

  • We can ensure that all emails and documents are encrypted – essential for companies dealing with sensitive correspondence
  • We allow for remote access monitoring and auditing
  • Advanced IT Service Management (ITIL) methodologies
  • We ensure the honesty and reliability of our staff by conducting bi-annual staff background checks
  • We offer the ISO27001 Certified Customer Documentation Storage service, ensuring the complete security of your valuable documents
  • We provide monthly IT health reports
  • Information Rights Management (IRM) enforced on your documentation

Range of high-end IT services

We offer the full range of top-of- the-line IT-support services, ensuring that you receive the latest in hi-tech solutions for your business. This includes:

  • Cloud services for your company data and software
  • A variety of internet connectivity solutions including wired and wireless networks as well as datacentre hosting and corporate cellular APNs
  • We stay up-to- date on all the latest IT trends ensuring that we can offer the latest in firewall security solutions, bandwidth compression and enterprise storage
  • We also offer a number of additional services including procurement of new hardware, license management, service desk, and rental financing

BBBEE Strategy

We are a level 2 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment contributor and believe in providing equal opportunities to everyone and every company. We also believe in righting the wrongs of the past whenever we can, and will do everything in our power to contribute to a more equal and just society. We believe that business can play a large role in this by creating opportunities and jobs for all, and we want to contribute whenever we can. We have also created a workplace where – based on merit – all employees can progress.

Trusted list of partners

We are partnered with a number of established IT service providers, which allows us to provide you with the best IT services possible.  Our partners include Microsoft, Fortinet, Galaxkey, Cyberoam and VMware to name but a few.

Talk to your local IT specialists and ensure that your company is operating with the latest technology solutions.