Does Your MSP keep you Company Current?

One the worst things that can happen to your business in this technology-driven age, is falling behind. Playing catch-up is not something you can afford to do. But staying ahead of the game requires proper and continuous IT investment.

To keep the competitive technology advantage, you will be better served by partnering with a managed service provider that can grow and adapt with your specific business needs.

Your MSP should provide an ongoing service that includes workload assessment, cloud-migration and managing and optimising your cloud infrastructure.

Communicate with your MSP

It is essential to have ongoing conversations with your MSP on how to keep your infrastructure current so that you can gain and retain your competitive advantage. Outdated infrastructure is often the root of IT challenges. Overloaded systems are slow and crash often, causing unnecessary downtime and reactive problem-solving and is draining to overall productivity. If your MSP is lacking this support service, perhaps you need to start shopping around for a provider who can give you what you need, when you need it to ensure you meet business objectives.

Smart Investment

Investing in IT technology can be a huge commitment, but it is a necessity. Your MSP should provide a full-service, cost-effective solution that can provide proactive managed IT options at a fixed monthly cost that is easy to forecast and budget for. Outsourcing the administrative IT burden to an MSP incorporating automated tools, will result in cost savings across the board.

Does your MSP offer a vCIO?

A Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) should be available to assist you. Discussion with a vCIO will provide options to improve productivity and strategies for a competitive advantage. In addition, vCIO’s can assist with developing a long-term information technology implementation plan for the quickest possible ROI.

Competitive Technology

Ensure the most competitive technologies available are used. If your MSP has implemented the recommended technologies in their own business, it is a good indication of a trusted partner’s commitment to serve your best interest.

For more information on how this smart partner decision can benefit you and your business growth, give us a call.