Are You Popi Compliant?

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) was signed into law in November 2013.

While the term is slowly entering the local business lexicon, many business owners are unaware of the POPI Act and its implications for them.

When this law does come into effect, most likely in 2017, businesses will probably get a year’s grace to get their POPI houses in order. Before that happens there are a few things you should know.


POPI is about protecting personal information, it’s about 3 rd party information that businesses and private parties are responsible for. POPI seeks to regulate the processing of this information which refers to the various activities that affect it. This includes storage, usage, dissemination or modification.

POPI is designed to ensure the safety and security of that information, especially when it is shared or stored on digital channels. A company’s compliance will depend on the typeof information they gather, making sure that they capture only what is required and take reasonable measures to protect the data.

It will affect any company, organisation or private individual who handles and makes decisions regarding the processing of personal information. Ultimately, it will mostly effect those companies involved in the financial services, healthcare and marketing sectors. The aim off POPI is to protect people from harm by ensuring that their information is not unlawfully shared or used.

As a company, you will be required to implement sufficient data security measures to protect your clients’ information against cyber hacks and theft.


One such solution is, a leading provider of e-mail and document encryption solutions. For many businesses – depending on what they do – this key piece of software will allow you to encrypt mail for storage and transit. It is a simple to use and an effective method of protecting digital information.

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