Deli Spices Up Cloud Services with Office 365

Third largest spice manufacturer boosts e-mail infrastructure with migration to Exchange Online and Office 365.

Deli Spices, the third largest spice manufacturer in South Africa, recently completed its Exchange Online migration with the help of trusted partner, Evolv Networks.

The migration consisted of deploying hybrid integration between the on-premises Microsoft Exchange infrastructure and the Exchange Online environment. This enabled the smooth transition of mailboxes without user interruption.

“Cloud adoption and, more specifically, Cloud Email, has been a focus area for us. This adoption links in with our overall group strategy of adopting cloud technologies that improve our competitiveness,” said Dylan Clarke, IT Manager for Deli Spices.”

As the oldest Mimecast partner in Cape Town, Evolv Networks was ideally positioned to also provide Email Continuity and Archival integration into Office 365. The deployment mitigated the risks associated with Cloud Email with continuity provided by Mimecast South Africa.

“As a cloud-focused IT partner, we take pride in our 100% cloud deployment success rate,” says Gerhard Conradie, MD for Evolv Networks. “We look forward to unlocking further competitive advantage and to drive more innovation at Deli Spices and our other customers.”