Stop Wasting Time and Money on Internal IT Issues

Minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days. Multiply those days by your staff’s salary bill, and those hours turn into half a million rand per year of your bottom line down the drain.

Of 250 working days, nine days are lost to IT troubles. Thirty skilled knowledge workers at a typical medium business earning R45 000 per month each = R583 000.

It could be more – the nine days lost estimate is from the UK statistics by A similar study in the US estimated this number to be closer to 11 days… three-quarters of a million rand wasted.

Trying to get something to print accounted for the bulk of time wastage, a close second being sitting in front of crashed or frozen computers. Both will inevitably result in calls to the internal IT support desk… both are almost definitely preventable, or at least easily solvable by the affected user with a little training, smarter IT systems design and a service desk strategy where IT failures feedback into constant improvement.

Running an effective IT service desk needn’t cost the earth with these four core elements in place.

  • It needs a good way to capture technology challenges so that they can be tracked to resolution. Plenty of software systems exist to do this.
  • It needs a way to rapidly deal with small problems – ideally where the user is empowered to fix it themselves, but where anything complicated can be rapidly escalated to someone with the expertise to solve it.
  • There must be a well-developed process to rate a problem by its business impact – something that is costing real sales or customer relations must be an all-hands-on-deck support exercise.
  • Finally, there should be clear problem resolution processes with full visibility into how long each step takes so that the “oh, the point of sale support guy is on leave, so we’ll get back to you”, never happens.

Internal IT Challenges Everyone Has

Shared problems are those that every company has – forgotten passwords needing a reset. Wi-Fi not working. Mouse with flat batteries.

An outsourced service desk can deal with most of these as they’re generic tech problems. If specific to a company’s own systems, the outsourced desk can escalate to someone with specific knowledge of a specific system as needed. Because the outsource service desk has many agents, you don’t get the bottle-neck of a single internal support resource, at the same or less actual cost.

If support is done within an ITSM framework, many or most systems and processes are already clearly defined. This makes establishing what services need support, and how, relatively painless.

Lost Productivity From Internal IT Issues Can Gnaw At Your Profits

From years of experience designing customer IT systems to be simpler, Evolv has identified six internal IT time wasters that can be avoided, adding productive time and cost savings to your business revenue stream.

  1. Not knowing the source of the problem. Automated supporting diagnostic and error information empower IT support staff to resolve issues with more accuracy and speed. Thus saving time to get back to normal operations.
  2. Not outsourcing basic support functions such as ticket logging and first-line assistance. By leveraging the economies of scale of outsourced tech providers you gain a wide support network with built-in security assurances and cost saving.
  3. Not understanding IT expense. Knowing the impact level for support requests will ensure that you don’t spend R100 of support resources to fix a R1 problem.
  4. Getting stuck on cumbersome IT processes. High priority should be given to identifying overlapping and duplicate systems, where different teams use a different system to do the same job, or switch between two systems where one can do.
  5. Not having reliable IT systems for consistent productivity.
  6. Not monitoring IT systems for continuous improvement. Nothing works forever – to reduce problems over time, regular IT system monitoring is crucial. Keeping track of how users fix their problems – what were they trying to solve, and what solution they have found – will highlight where the cause of the problem can be streamlined.

To summarise – time lost on internal IT issues at work add up quickly and disparate IT systems means you’re spending exorbitant amounts of money on various software licenses, infrastructure and ad-hoc problem-solving – not only to meet your specific needs but also to integrate your various systems.

The bottom line is that end-user support is specific expertise. Don’t allow internal tech issues to kill productivity when a simple switch to standard, centralized, outsourced IT system functionality can eliminate wasted work days.