Voice solutions That Work, Even When Eskom is Down

Evolv Networks offers VOIP failover services with almost no disruption to either the business or clients when the electricity or fibre is down, says Gerhard Conradie, MD of Evolv Networks.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has been around for over a decade now and the technology has revolutionised the telecommunications industry, says Gerhard Conradie, Managing Director of Evolv Networks.

By considering call volume, Internet usage, voice mail requirements, remote worker capability, call auto attendant, multiple location support systems and more, VOIP is the cost-effective technology solution for businesses today.

Despite the global update, South Africa’s adoption of the technology has been slow due to the lack of reliable Internet speeds and the prohibitive connectivity costs involved. These issues, however, have been addressed by both government and private business and the country is ready for full-scale VOIP solution deployments.


  • VOIP increases your flexibility and mobility while mitigating the costs of expensive phone calls. It allows you to make calls using your computer or IP phone to local and overseas clients without the high costs. Calls can be made from wherever you are to anywhere in the world, as long as you have connectivity to the office or an Internet connection.
  • It uses a single network to provide the transmission of data, voice and video, ensuring a very high-quality communication.
  • Voice over IP is quick to set up, economical to maintain and offers mobility features to tackle new opportunities without downtime.
  • Scaling to business needs, you don’t have to buy new expensive hardware or purchase more dedicated phone lines as communication needs change. Plus, it allows up or down scaling of the number of users or features as needed.
  • VOIP’s are not limited to a single caller-receiver dynamic. It can be set up with multiple call features such as recording or tele-conferencing and video conferencing, where bandwidth allows.
  • VOIP services are best utilised as part of a hosted system enabling rapid deployment as no physical PABX hardware is needed at your office.
  • Conversations can be recorded or transcribed as it happens so a written record exists.
  • Flexible technology can be tailored to business needs, increasing productivity and efficiency while lowering costs. Calls to VOIP phone lines can be forwarded to mobile devices instantaneously, so business continues as usual during off-site/out-of-office work that would otherwise have suffered under delayed response times.

What to Look For in VOIP Service Provider

With each sector/business, the solutions the VOIP service provider recommends should reflect knowledge of both industry and business specific needs.

Assessment – An existing network and telephone infrastructure analysis should be conducted to provide a technical roadmap aligning your business’s aspirations with the appropriate technologies, a cost vs benefits analysis in other words.

Planning – A professional service provider will plan a smooth migration from existing platforms and provide ongoing performance assessment as a top priority.

Elements That Need to be Considered for a VOIP Solution Include:

  • Voice messaging;
  • Internet and connectivity requirements;
  • Failover and forwarding in the event of connectivity failure;
  • Network switching configuration;
  • VPN requirements / Software Defined Networking over multiple access networks;
  • Video collaboration;
  • Integration with existing CRM systems and databases;
  • Reporting packages;
  • Infrastructure options; and
  • Hosted contact centres.

Implementation – the execution phase should include exhaustive testing and be managed by a dedicated VOIP solutions architect.

Training – The training of staff members that are going to be utilising the VOIP system must be provided in a simple and user-friendly manner.

Support – the service provider needs to offer 24/7 support.

Automated Failover – electricity downtime protection

Communication disruption to business operations can have a serious effect on sales. The impact on client relations is multi-fold – if a client is unable to reach you due to your telecommunications network being down, confidence in the product and or service is eroded.

The reality is that people wrongly believe that their VOIP system, using fibre, is fail safe, because “fibre never goes down”. If the power is off, that fiber line becomes useless.

Whether the issue is a power outage – as South Africans are still exposed to – or any other issue affecting the network, having an automated failover system in place is key to handling any such challenge.

Evolv Networks has partnered with Nerospec, the largest provider of layer two and three connectivity via LTE for retail, corporate and enterprise businesses in in South Africa. This partnership allows us to offer VOIP failover services with the seamless systems transition from the ”normal” system to the Automated Failover System with almost no disruption to either the business or the clients on the associated networks.

Make the Switch

Reports show that companies who implement a VOIP communication system see a return on investment (ROI) within 3-6 months of implementation and save up to 30% of their previous communication expenditure.

With the available VOIP Communications and Automated Failover technology, any size business can reap the benefits of consistent connectivity and cost savings.

The time to make the switch to VOIP is today. Evolv Networks has years of experience with VOIP and will provide you with expert advice to ensure the most beneficial, most affordable voice solution is implemented with a guaranteed service level agreement in place.

You will be up… even when Eskom or your fibre connection down. Listen to MD, Gerhard Conradie’s in-depth discussion on this PODCAST.