How Can A Poor Wireless Structure Affect Your Business?

  • Random or slow speeds when accessing servers.
  • Frequent disconnecting of wireless.
  • Getting stuck on slower access points.
  • Getting stuck on slower access points.
  • Poor security making wireless network easily hackable.
  • Direct connection to the network allows unsecured access to your data.
  • Uncontrolled guest/visitors access slow down the internet.

How We Solve The Issues?

  • Consistent speeds.
  • Well-designed wireless structure with no dead zones.
  • Spectrum analysis that ensures no neighbouring wireless interference with your network.
  • Defined deliverables for IT and the expected business services.
  • Consistent connection to the closest and fastest access point possible.


How Does Poor Video Conferencing Supported Infrastructure Affect Your Business?

  • Video conferencing stuttering, stalling and echoing.
  • Pixelation, freezing, audio/video desync, delayed video.

How We Solve The Issues?

  • Video-conferencing solution that is optimally designed to match your hardware capabilities and conference needs.
  • Standardising the technology involved so everyone isusing a predictable solution.
  • Configuring networking gear to prioritise audio and video traffic to define quality of service


How Does Having No VOIP Failover Service Affect Your Business?

  • Communication disrupting operations seriously affects sales.
  • Client relations damage – confidence in your product and or service is eroded.
  • If the power is off, your fiber line becomes useless.

How We Solve The Issues?

  • Layer two and three connectivity via LTE for retail, corporate and enterprise businesses.
  • VOIP failover services with the seamless systems transition from the ”normal” system to the Automated Failover System.
  • Consistent connectivity and cost savings.


How Does An Unreliable Fibre Internet Service Affect Your Business?

  • Long downtimes affect productivity and staff morale.
  • Money is lost per employee every time the connection is slow or goes down.
  • VoIP telephone services depend on good connectivity.
  • Cloud based point-of-sale solutions are disrupted.
  • Remote staff cannot access files.
  • Without access to customer service systems, sales orders systems or email, you lose production.

How We Solve The Issues?

  • During periods of high demand for Internet access, your Internet will not slow down.
  • Fast access to your data and applications stored in the cloud.
  • Ensure equal upload and download times.
  • Plan for capacity changes in advance – ensuring the right size internet at the right price.
  • Implement low-cost internet failover solutions for critical services.

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