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microsoft teams business calling

The gravity of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most businesses into an unparalleled situation: a fully-distributed, remote working workforce.

This environment can be challenging without the right tools to communicate in the “new normal”.

Enter Microsoft Teams Business Calling

In short, Microsoft Teams Business Calling allows your workforce to make and receive phone calls rapidly from anywhere with a familiar interface. Fully cloud hosted, with no elaborate installation process, you’ll be making your first Teams Call in no time.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing allows you to use Microsoft Teams to manage inbound and outbound calls, just like a traditional PBX phone system with all the standard and enhanced features.

  • Presence awareness – available/idle/on-a-call/in-a-meeting status
  • Put call on hold
  • Direct Inward Dialing – dedicated inward number
  • Transfer call
  • Teams Chat before call transfers
  • Capture history of calls
  • Set up delegates to answer calls on your behalf – call forwarding
  • Call a group all at the same time or in an order – queues
  • Block calls with no caller ID

For a full list of all key features of the Microsoft Phone System


Everything your business is used to with the conventional onsite/hosted PABX can be delivered via Teams Calling.

Direct routing permits you to bring your own current company numbers with you and adding this onto your Microsoft Teams system so you can enjoy a complete, unified telecommunications service from Office 365.

Migrating your business to Teams Calling from your current PBX product, is a seamless process and once migration is complete, you can decommission your old PBX and other outdated PSTN circuits.

You will no longer need desk top phones as your smartphone, tablet or a computer with a  connected headset is all you require. This enables your workforce to be mobile without reduced functionality. A range of Microsoft Teams handsets are also available where required for daily operations such as switchboard, office workers and meeting rooms.

Customers with Microsoft 365 Business Basic (formerly Office 365 Business Essentials) and above simply require a Teams Business Calling license to enable the service. Once this is completed you are equipped to go ahead with Direct Rerouting to call internally and externally, nationally and internationally.

Teams calling is reliable, consistent and user-friendly.

microsoft teams business calling
microsoft teams business calling

Let’s Summarise The Benefits of Microsoft Teams Calling

  • Businesses can keep their existing numbers plus add new ones.
  • Full presence visibility of your remote workers on whether they are online, idle or busy
  • Overhead costs are reduced – you save on expense of an office and the inflexibility of an office.
  • Mobility to work anywhere and any time
  • No separate cellphone call claims, all your staff require is internet data
  • Everyone saves on commuting time – staff get that time (and money) back
  • The staff talent pool is expanded, since you’ll no longer be limited by candidates’ physical proximity to your business. You can recruit in other areas where the wages/salaries are lower.
  • Staff gain flexibility – they can take care of sick children and catch up on work ASAP.

The world of work has changed. If you’re not offering remote work options, it’s a good time to consider them.

If you’re offering them only until the coronavirus pandemic is brought under control, it’s time to consider making them permanent.

Don’t Use Microsoft Teams Yet?

No problem – if you have not embraced Office 365 as a collaborative tool, then you can activate a free trial.

Enjoy 6 months free access

Trials activated before 30 June 2020 only pay for months 7 – 12

Enabling Microsoft Voice calling will be the only cost incurred during this period.

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