A Testimonial By Spectrum Security Products

The relationship with Spectrum Communications grew from common pain points which many customers experience. Inconsistent support response times, lack of depth in terms of technical skill set and the IT provider being nothing more than a computer fixing company. The spend on IT was also a straight cost with very little value being added.

The Evolv Networks onboarding provided a seamless transition for Spectrum Communications which negated the stress of changing providers. A successful national wide area network rollout replaced the legacy solution and halved the costs of connecting the branches to the Cape Town head office. Working with the Management team we have been able to provide solutions that realise their financial goals and change IT from a cost into a value adding business unit. We look forward to providing Spectrum Communications with many more years of superior support so that they may service the security needs of their customers, increase revenue, reduce risk and optimize costs.

With Evolv Networks there was no challenge to change over to a new environment. They made everything so clear and simple… I sat back and allowed it to happen. They rolled out the technology and assisted with cost-effective pricing on new devices. I needed an IT Service Provider that could make the “IT Problem” disappear so management could get on with running the company and Evolv Networks came to the party. With their pool of engineers and efficient helpdesk I can be secure, even when my onsite support person is not available. Working with Evolv leaves me with a feeling of being taken care of.”

  • Brinley Bam, Financial and IS Manager


A Testimonial By Deli Spices

Our relationship with Deli Spices started in 2007 when they had 40 computers, a Small Business Server and huge ambitions. We were tasked to design a solution to deliver on their long term strategy, with a flexible approach to adjust and innovate as their needs changed.

The Deli internal IT department is equipped to support, evolve and deliver consistently as the company vision and strategy changes and the need for innovative solutions arises. A robust connectivity network, cloud-based solutions and intricate understanding of their ERP system ensure that the 400 staff have highly available and responsive systems to service their customers. The Deli Spices’ Executive Team fully supports IT as a strategic execution tool, not simply an expense. This has most definitely been one of the driving factors for their massive success and we are proud to be a part of this chain.

“Our plan is what our customers want. Evolv really helped with our rapid change of ideas, processes and solutions and the security implications thereof. With Evolv, your business is their business. They really care about our customer service as well as their own. They identify possible security gaps way before we do. They’ve saved us from quite a few “fires” and understand how critical it is to be proactive and re-active when things go wrong. They perfectly align IT with our business needs.” – Dylan Clark, IT Services Manager


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