Get Maximum Value For Your Microsoft Investment

The partnership with Microsoft commenced in 2005 as Microsoft Certified Partners and in 2006 Evolv Networks attained Microsoft Gold Partner status.

Microsoft technologies have always been a core competency to ensure that we remain up to date with trends. This has ensured that customers receive the best advice and maximum value for their Microsoft investment.

In 2011 Evolv Networks became Microsoft Cloud Partners, one of the early adopters before the release of Office 365 in South Africa. After 10 months of internal migrations and testing we performed our first deployments and achieved Cloud Accelerate status for successful migrations in January 2012.

By 2014, Microsoft Azure became available and our remaining operational infrastructure was migrated to the Azure Virtual Machine infrastructure. This has proven to be a key competency which has allowed peace of mind for our customers when migrating them to cloud hosted Infrastructure as a Service.

Our accolades include a personal thank you from Bill Gates (then CEO of Microsoft) to our Technical Director for his exceptional work during a Microsoft project.

MICROSOFT PRODUCTS WE SPECIALISE IN • Exchange On-premises and Online • SharePoint On-premises and Online • Microsoft SQL and Azure SQL • Hyper-V and Azure Virtual Machines • Skype for Business Online • Azure Virtual Networks • Active Directory On-premises and Azure AD • Rights Management Services On-premises and Office 365 • Azure Backup and Azure Storage • Office On-premises and Office 365 Subscription

Secure Against Email-Based Threats

Our in-depth experience and knowledge of the Mimecast products ensure that customers receive the maximum value from their Mimecast investment.

The partnership with Mimecast began in 2006 and Evolv Networks was one of their first Cape Town partners, making us the oldest Mimecast partner in town.

Evolv Networks has continued to adopt the latest protection provided by Mimecast as a secure barrier against email based threats.

In 2012, with the launch of Office 365, we started offering Continuity Services for our customers. We used Mimecast within the borders of the relevant country, while email hosting was outside of the country. This gave many early Office 365 adopters the peace of mind that they would not be crippled if the international connectivity failed.

Recently, we have been promoting Target Threat Protection with Attachment Protection, Impersonation Protection and URL Protection. We also recommend the adoption of the Mimecast Outlook plug-in for easy email search/SPAM flagging, as well as the Mimecast Mobile App. Evolv Networks uses the technology on a daily basis, and as a product, the solution cannot be faulted.

• Journaling - the process of capturing internal to internal emails to Mimecast for long term archiving
• Intelligent Email Routing - splitting emails at the Mimecast level to the relevant downstream servers
• POPI Compliant Archival Purging - receiving and automating the removal of archived emails past their useful age
• Targeted Threat Protection Deployments - Impersonation, Weaponised attachment and Web link protection
• Monitoring of Mimecast Alerts - on behalf of customers and reacting to alerts.

Firewall Packages Used By Companies All Over The World

The partnership with Cyberoam started in 2007 and by 2008 Evolv Networks had achieved Gold Partner Status with this prestigious company.

The Cyberoam products were unique in that they provided immense granularity in filtering, and this made it a very strong Swiss army knife.

We continued to grow the Cyberoam base and during 2015, Sophos, which is best known for its Anti-Virus products, acquired the company. The best of the Cyberoam and Sophos firewalls were combined to create the current firewall packages loved by companies all over the world.

A notable mention is the integration between firewall and anti-virus endpoint. This communication allows for robust alerting and reactions to threats, which has proven to be a valuable combination. As a Gartner Magic Quadrant competitor, Sophos has proven the ability to keep up with the latest trends and to set high standards. We continue to use their solution stacks to provide maximum value to our customers.

The Perfect Encryption Product

When the first draft of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) became available, we began our partnership with Galaxkey, which was back in 2014.

The Galaxkey partnership was an ideal match as we were in need of a document and email encryption solution for internal use, as well as providing encryption services to our customers. With an exceptional support team and a great product roadmap, it has become the perfect encryption product.

By 2015, we deployed 250 seats to a food and beverage manufacturer, who wanted to secure communication, as well as encrypt sensitive information.

With the imminent compliancy deadline of POPI, we are confident that we have the capabilities to provide our customers environments with the compliance mechanisms to cater to the POPI Principles: Principle 3 [Control Section 14(2)] Principle 7 [Control Section 18(1) a & b) Principle 7 [Control Section (18(2) c] Principle 7 [Control Section 20(1)]

Keeping Your Costs Down As An Elite Partner

Some partnerships are just meant to be, and this can be said for Evolv Network’s connection with N-able since 2011. From there we began to increase our license count and skills on a rapid basis.

Within one year we were awarded the N-able Top Technical Partner of the Year Award. The solutions from N-able allow for strong integration into our Service Desk, with tickets being created and closed automatically, and as needed. This, combined with the Automation functionality, has allowed us to keep operational and customers costs low by automating as much as possible.

In 2013, we proudly achieved Elite Partner Status, a status that has only been achieved by their top 10 partners in South Africa.

Evolv Networks has been active in influencing technical and feature changes in the solution for many years and will continue to provide input to the development of this product.

In April 2015, N-able was acquired by one of the largest software companies, Solarwinds. With this came many other products and capabilities which we have acquired as a result of the acquisition.

We look forward to maximizing this partnership as they grow and innovate.

The Leader In Unified Threat Management Firewall Solutions

One of our newer partnerships has proven to be one of the strongest. Fortinet is well known on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, as the leader in Unified Threat Management Firewall Solutions. Their vision and ability to execute, outstrips other manufacturers, and their local support is excellent.

The Fortinet solution stack includes firewalls, wireless access points, remote access points, event management and web surfing logging. These combinations allow us to create enterprise class solutions for our customers. Combined with the Forticlient for secure remote VPN access, the solutions cater for all our customers’ needs. With continuously faster processors and excellent scanning capability, it is great value for money.

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